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July 26th V3.4 Update
7/26/2013 2:05 PM admin Views 8832
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1. When master page is created the path should be added to the database. 
2. Update the UI of Calendar Admin Panel to 3.4 look. Except for the Ad module as new Ad module is currently being designed
3. Update FullCalendarView control to support a stand-along model(override the category ID)
4. Update Calendar DAL to show the current calendar category list in Admin Page
5. Prevent deleting master pages being used
6. OK and Next button do not show in the Business Entity change approve screen
7. Normalize of List and View page type in each module(list.aspx & view.aspx)
8. Next and Approve button do not show in the business entity update screen in the admin panel.
9. Make the subject line clickable in the article list gallery mode
10. Link Article and Virtual Article Type should show page configuration and permission icon
11. Limit the max size of the file to upload in Article
12. In order to distinguish the admin sites open in multiple browser instance, the site tilte from company setting has been added to the CP page title.
13. Highlight the current item in the listing(Article/Form/Classified) Ability to control the colour by CSS
14. Fix the issue where showing wrong language in the calendar page(static page)
15. Error on the classified search with specific characters
16. Correct the number of comments showing in the forum listing
17. Clean up junks in admin page CSS files
18. Added ajax action and improved the looking in Template area
19. Added ajax action and improved the looking in Master Page area
20. Added ajax action and improved the looking in Custom Page area
21. Add the image update function to classified
22. Add the blank option to the claasified type field and adjust title generation code not to populate the type when the type is blank
23. Add maximum number of articles to show per category
24. Add a new controller to handle the old List and View page linked to search engine or direct access
25. Add "more" link to the multi content control
26. Ability to search business directory by phone number
27. Add an error handling to hide the weather control when the MSN weather API is not available
28. Prevent logging an error message from the side menu control
29. Correct a typo in Widget Maintenance. Cateory
30. Update the user role maintenance page(icon update / search update)
31. Correct the user registration successful message 
32. Fix the issue showing an error when the recovery password page is submitted